Flex Your Flexible Spending

Flex spending for a smile Greater Houston Orthodontics Houston TX2015 is quickly winding down and we will soon be welcoming the New Year. As a courtesy to all our patients, this is a reminder to review your Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account balances to make sure you don’t lose any of your benefits socked away this year.

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Smile This Holiday Season

If you anticipate you, or someone in your family will require orthodontic treatment in 2016, braces or Invisalign is the perfect holiday gift. Whether your goal is to use funds still available in 2015 or setup a new program for 2016, please call Greater Houston Orthodontics at 713-464-7777 to schedule a complimentary smile consultation.

During your evaluation, we will help you determine which orthodontic treatment options best suits your needs, estimated treatment timeline, and present multiple payment options available that work best with your budget in time to allow you to take advantage of your 2016 FSA/HSA.

Also, feel free to contact our office regarding open-enrollment for your orthodontic insurance, your current account, or questions about orthodontic treatment.

We appreciate your expression of confidence in our services and thank you for allowing us to be your orthodontic treatment provider!

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