Did you know that Invisalign Teen© is available at Greater Houston Orthodontics?

Dr. Amir Davoody can straighten your child’s teeth without braces.

Dr. Davoody knows that for some teens, wearing braces is not ideal. Kids want to look their best for school pictures, dances, proms and other social events that occur during the school year and frankly, braces aren’t usually part of that equation.

The good news is that there’s a new solution, and we’re proud to offer it to our patients. It’s called Invisalign Teen, a state-of-the-art technique can put a smile on your teen’s face while their teeth are being straightened. It involves a series of crystal clear, snug aligners that friends and teachers can barely see! 

At Greater Houston Orthodontics we love treating our patients with Invisalign Teen.  We think that it may be the biggest advance in orthodontics in the last 50 years!  No braces, no wires, easy cleaning and no forbidden foods. What great news!

Here’s even better news:  For a limited time only, mention that you read this blog and we’ll take $500 off of the fee.  That should put a smile on your face  😀

*This offer may not be combined with any other promotion

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