The Skinny On Mail Order Orthodontics

Would you consider undergoing orthodontic treatment to improve your smile without ever having to step foot inside an orthodontic or dental office? In the last couple years, there has been a significant increase in the purchase of mail order orthodontics and at-home teeth straightening kits, especially with teens. What’s the hook? It is advertised as a more cost-effective and convenient way to achieve a better smile. Watch this video!

Orthodontics, Explained

Contrary to common belief, the practice of orthodontics refers to more than simply straightening teeth. It includes treating various dental issues such as tooth decay due to crooked teeth, jaw or TMJ discomfort, speech impediments caused by poor bites, gum disease, grinding and clenching of teeth, and even sleep apnea. No matter what the cause, orthodontic treatment requires a licensed professional to properly move teeth on patients of all ages. Buying a kit or watching How to Videos online have often led to disaster. Are you or your child willing to take the risk?.

The Appeal of At-Home Braces

What makes mail order orthodontics at home appealing is its promise of affordability and convenience. Advertisers present at home options as the best solution for improving any smile. Recent advances in technology with 3D Imaging now make it even easier to prey on the unsuspecting consumers who lack the education to understand the difference. In just a few clicks, swipes or taps, you can interact with software to show you just what you would look like with different makeup, hairstyles, and now a straight smile delivered right to your door. Sound too good to be true? Most times it is, especially when sacrificing a long-term result with a short-term quick fix of your smile.

Do at-home orthodontic treatments cause more harm than good?

At Greater Houston Orthodontics, we discourage seeking any orthodontic treatment without seeing a licensed dental professional before you consider any type of orthodontic treatment. Undiagnosed periodontal issues such as gum disease, missing permanent teeth, or bite and/or jaw discrepancies could complicate treatment and compromise the end result. Only X-rays taken in a professional dental office allows your dentist the tools to determine what is going on underneath the surface. Failure to identify areas of concern before starting orthodontics could result in permanent jaw damage or tooth loss.

Just Ask Us

If you or someone you know is thinking of trying mail order orthodontics, contact our Memorial or West University office to schedule a complimentary consultation first. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and provide you with professional advice on how to achieve the smile you desire. Don’t put yourself at risk, we’re here to help!

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