DENTAL MONITORING® at Great Houston Orthodontics The Most Advanced Virtual Appointments Available

At Greater Houston Orthodontics, we know how important safety is to our patients, especially during these times! We love using Invisalign® as a socially distance-friendly approach to orthodontics, but our practice goes even further with Dental Monitoring® virtual appointments. Dental Monitoring’s state-of-the-art technology and easy to use app, provides the most advanced virtual appointments available. That means faster, more efficient treatment, with less trips to the office and virtual appointments from the comfort and safety of your home!


Whether you are doing your best to maintain social distancing or trying to make time in your busy schedule, you’ll love Dental Monitoring®


How does it work?


To get started, we use a 3D scanner to take images of your teeth and bone structure in order to map out a customized treatment plan and to build custom aligners that will help straighten your smile – invisibly. That means less time in your (or your child’s) mouth to get started. 


Once your treatment plan is put in place, you will receive clear aligners to wear 22 hours a day – no skimping or treatment will take longer! From there we will schedule virtual appointments via your SmartPhone from the comfort of your home! 


You’ll get a reminder notification from your personalized app. The app will walk you through taking a series of 13-15 pictures – lots of different angles! Then Dental Monitoring’s software will automatically enhance and sequence those images so that they can be used by the doctors to track the treatment process. It takes about 3 minutes! During your virtual appointment if we don’t see anything unexpected, we will give you instructions to move forward – no need to come into the office. Safe at home — check! 


 Check out this video to see how it works in more detail


We are so excited to be able to offer Dental Monitoring® to our patients that we’ve put together a few of the benefits below


  1. Fewer physical appointments – since we’re monitoring remotely with virtual appointments, you don’t need to come visit us as often. That saves you time and makes social distancing even easier! 
  2. More virtual appointments – our app will send you reminders on a weekly or bi- weekly basis to take pictures. While it may seem like we’re seeing you less, we’re actually seeing your mouth much more frequently! More frequent data allows us to make adjustments faster than we could if we didn’t see you for a whole month.
  3. Better control – the pictures you send us with the app allow us to track oral hygiene level, aligners fitting, possible presence of teeth abrasion and decays or brackets issues so we can make recommendations in real time. 
  4. Faster treatment times – because we can detect issues faster and are seeing your mouth more often, our in-person appointments become that much more efficient and treatment times tend to be much faster! 
  5. Improved confidence and compliance – Dental Monitoring® helps patients take an active part in their treatment plan. The regular check-ins and feedback on your progress from our team of doctors will make it easy for you to stay on track with your at home care.



Where You Receive Your Health Care Is A Very Important Personal Decision


Dr. Amir Davoody, Dr. Rana Mehr, Dr. Niloufar Azami and Dr. Adam Skrypczak are leading orthodontists in the field and are helping to pioneer this amazing technology. The doctors and team use the most advanced treatments available today, including Dental Monitoring® and Invisalign®, to provide the most effective, safe, and comfortable experience for their patients. 

With two convenient locations in West University and Memorial, we are ready to help you start smiling. Please contact our West University or our Memorial office to schedule a complimentary consultation or click below:




Invisalign® is a registered trademark. Dental Monitoring® is a registered trademark by DentalMind.

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