The Connection Between A Beautiful Smile And Teen Self-Esteem

Does your teen avoid photos at family events or even selfies because they’re self-conscious about their teeth? It’s all too common, and unfortunate as an adolescent’s smile can actually have a profound effect on their self-esteem and can even impact their social skills. Yet many teens are hesitant about undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment… namely traditional metal braces.

That’s where Invisalign® Teen comes in. With Invisalign, we use a series of clear, removable aligners that have been custom-made for your teen’s teeth, a result of precise images we take with the sophisticated scanner. Your teen simply wears these aligners over their teeth, changing them out for a new set of aligners periodically—around every two weeks. Little by little, your teen’s teeth gradually shift into place.

With Invisalign Teen we can correct many common orthodontic issues from crowding and spaced teeth to protruding upper teeth. We can even address improper bites due to thumb-sucking as a child, periodontal disease, poor dental hygiene, early or late loss of primary teeth or trauma to the teeth from a sports injury.

The good news is that adolescence is the optimal time to address orthodontic problems as teens haven’t yet finished growing. Early correction frequently leads to shorter overall treatment times and can be less costly when compared to correction of issues that have been allowed to progress into adulthood. Best of all, a beautiful smile boost self-confidence, setting your teen up for success in school, interpersonal relationships and their career.

Dr. Amir Davoody and Dr. Rana Mehr lead a friendly, dedicated team that works together to create a positive experience for patients and their families that’s fun, light hearted, warm and inviting. The doctors and team use the most advanced treatments available today, and are certified providers of Invisalign Teen.

With two convenient locations in Bellaire and Memorial, we are ready to help you start smiling. Please contact our West University or our Memorial office to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Davoody and Dr. Mehr. You can also learn more about Invisalign Teen by clicking here.

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